Does Botox Treat Migraine?

//Does Botox Treat Migraine?
treating migraines with botox

In this article, we are sharing our knowledge to our readers all about Botox for a migraine, we are trying to give our best for you to quickly and clearly understand what this word means for us to help you with the ever painful migraine that you kept on getting each and every day.

What is Botox?
It is a form of botulinum toxin, it is produced by a bacteria that is the cause of botulism which is called neurotoxin. When this is used it can cause a reduction from muscle contractions that can last up to two to three months.

How does it work?
The Botox is injected into areas where experts only know depending on which part of your head to you feel the pain. The Botox slowly enters the nerves around the injected area that releases the chemicals that can prevent the pain from being worse and eventually heals it. Botox can prevent a migraine on coming back again and again but it does not work that fast it will need some time to effect, maybe two to three treatments before the maximum effect take place and each treatment can last up to two to three months.

Who is allowed to take Botox?
The FDA only approves patients who are experiencing chronic migraines with the age 18 and above. You cannot access it without the doctor`s prescription.

Who to call if you want a Botox treatment?
If you want the Botox treatment you might want to call specialist such as a neurologist with the company supporting your insurance on the doctor you are calling. Also, make sure that your doctor has encountered giving this treatment before and make sure he has the right amount of experience before letting him start the treatment.

What does the treatment feel like?
The treatment would last up to 20 to 30 minutes, the doctor will use a very tiny needle that it feels like you just have been bitten by an ant. The doctor will inject the Botox most likely in the areas of your neck and it can be up to 31 injections in each treatment that covers both your neck and head. After the treatment you may experience pain in your neck for maybe a day or two treating it with an ice bag will be a much help to lessen the discomfort that you feel. If you go to the doctor regularly with on the schedule giving the treatment will be at least 6 months to finish.

If you have an insurance company be sure that consult the company first and let them know about the treatment because some company might not cover it. Make sure that the company allows it before taking the treatment if you want to save money, most of the company will get your medical records and see if you fail treatments to prevent your chronic migraine with one or two different treatment before they will proceed to further discussion about covering the Botox treatment.

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